As most of us know, humans blink tens of thousands of times a day so that the eyeball stays lubricated. But researchers at the University of California have discovered another reason why we do it. Discover more here.

In under 11 months since the project has started, Airbus is ready to carry out its first prototype test for an airborne taxi called Vahana by the end of this year. Read more about the new features of Vahana and how it can possibly transform the future of transportation.

Roger Brujet from Cambodia Conservation Project likens seahorses to pandas, “a flagship species that people recognize throughout the world.” Conservationists are hoping to encourage more no-fishing zones to help preserve the delicate animals, and are already seeing numbers rise. Find out more here.

With the X Games about to start in Aspen, read about Noah Morrison's visit to Silver Star Mountain, when he went home for the holidays.

Its not just electric cars that are evolving quickly these days, but also electric motorbikes. A group of students in the Netherlands built their own and drove it 20,000km across the world to raise awareness of its capabilities. See how it performs and learn more about the project here.

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